Pray like Hannah – for children

Our churches are praying about children and youth, and our ministry to them, over the course of July. We won’t be alone in this prayer: the entire United Reformed Church is being invited to ‘Pray Like Hannah’ for the children and youth of our communities this month.

You might recall the story in the opening chapter of 1 Samuel. Hannah was childless, and she prayed to God to give her a child. Her prayer was so passionate that the priest, Eli, upon hearing her entreaties declared her to be drunk. But upon learning her passion, he joined her in prayer. She promised to dedicate that child’s life to God.

A child was born: Samuel. Samuel would become a prophet of God, who would identify David as a king to right the wrongs of a kingdom gone awry with injustice.

A recent study found that 95% of children have no relationship with the church. We are hopeful that, in prayer, the Spirit may illumine us with ways that we may be able to build those relationships up in this time, and this place.

God, in your grace, hear our prayer.