No more business as usual


Micah stands in a line of Old Testament prophets who reminded the people of Israel, over and over again how to live their lives.

His message was to the Israelites 2700 years ago and is as relevant to us here in Jesmond today.

The Israelites had been going down to the local market, getting a few calves, or pigeons and sometimes quite a lot of sheep and wandering down to the temple, and killing and leaving them for God, and well kind of walking away, turning their back on the lord until next week, last week it was a pigeon next week a sheep….

All over, back to day to day living – life not changed,

They were making sacrifices but what was missing was obedience to God.

The Old Testament and the prophets and Micah called the Israelites to make sacrifices but of very different kind

Micah talks about what God expected of the Israelites,

The bible is Gods holy word so what God was looking for from the Israelites then he is expecting of us now:

Look in verse 8 ………………Micah tells the Israelites


As well as making sacrifices he tells them:

  • to do what is just,
  • to show constant love,
  • and to live in humble fellowship with our God,

We’re all old enough to know that when God shared out talents and gifts he gave  the women and men very different talents…..

So for the women and girls this is easy – three things at once – multi-tasking – Old Testament style.

But remember this is the Old Testament 2700 years ago so Micah’s message was given to the Israelite men, few of the women or girls went to the temple or heard any preaching.

Micah tells the Israelites that all they did and said they had to be just, loving and humble towards God, it’s a little like that trick where you pat your head, rub your stomach and perhaps hop at the same time.

Micah challenges the Israelites to do these things at the same time; he was telling them that just making sacrifices alone was not enough,

So what does this mean for all of us today?

Sacrifices are part of the way we show our commitment to God and compassion for our neighbours,

So whether its Pocket money for junior church or pension money for you, can we use it in a just way, showing constant love and living in humble fellow ship with our God? Can we do these three things at the same time in the way we use our money?

Sometimes God calls us not to spend it for our own benefit but to give it for the benefit of others – free will offering, donations and charity – just in love and humbly before God

Fair trade….so as we spend our money on Fair-trade we support disadvantaged communities in Africa, Latin America and the Far East.

But of all the money we spend, what % goes on fair trade products?

Perhaps £1 in every £10 we spend?

What about the rest of our money…….