The Wednesday Meeting

The Wednesday Meeting is held fortnightly from January to early May and from September to December at 2.00pm in the Church Hall. 

The meeting begins with announcements, a short Bible reading and prayer, and the talk usually begins at 2.10pm, ending at about 2.45pm, followed by a cup of tea/coffee and scone/cake; questions sometimes drift into tea-time. 

The programme covers a wide range of topics, of equal interest to men and women, and has included The art of China’s Buddhist Caves, Why is English spelling so weird?, The benefits of Physiotherapy, Mozambique Revisited, Training Detectives, The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Charles Dickens and the North East, Climate Change: Biblical Fact and Modern Myths, Living on the Farnes, Fire Safety in the Home – and the current programme is printed below. 

There is no charge for admission, but the speaker receives a small payment/fee/gift which is usually paid for out of voluntary donations by attendees. 

This is an open meeting and all are welcome – do come and join us, either regularly or dropping in occasionally. 


12         Charles Avison: Music in Newcastle in the 18th Century    Prof Eric Cross

26         The Farne Islands: Did you know?                                        Dr Ann Wilson


9          The First World War: The Aftermath                                     Professor John Derry  

23        Metro Futures                                                                               Ms Catherine Massarella


9          Motor Cycling Through South America                                Mr Michael Goodwin

23        “Skills for People” –  A New Home                                          Mr  Nick Ball


6          William Morris – Not Just Wallpaper!                                    Mr Mike Mavromichaelis

15         Good Friday

17         Easter Day

27        The Origin of English Surnames                                            Professor Diana Whaley

The Wednesday Meeting Programme


22         Mary, Queen of Scots                                                                          Professor John Derry



5          The Best Mud in Italy                                                                           Mrs Myra Robinson

19        The Twentieth Century on the Farne Islands                                  Dr Anne Wilson



4          The Burdons, The Sandersons and The Haldanes                          Mr Keith Jewitt

18        “Skills for People” –  A New Home                                                      Mr  Nick Ball



1          William Morris – Not Just Wallpaper!                                 Mr Mike Mavromichaelis

(This meeting will be held in the Church)

22        Motor-cycling Through South America                               Mr Michael Goodwin



6           Metro Futures                                                                          Ms Catherine Massarella



THE FIRST AUTUMN 2020 WEDNESDAY MEETING will be held on 9th September, when Mrs Fliss Barker will speak about “Experiences in Israel and Occupied Palestine.”