Newcastle University Yoga Society

Newcastle University Yoga Society

Yoga refers to a wide variety of practices, physical and non-physical. In order to promote mental well-being and self-affirmation, with a secondary emphasis on stamina, endurance and flexibility. There are many forms of Yoga that put emphasis on meditation, elimination of stress, anxiety, depression, fitness and many more, so there’s something for everyone!

Our classes timetable is as follows:

1. Forrest Yoga each Monday 17:20 – 18:45
2. Forrest – a structured form of yoga focusing on holding positions, abdominal work and breathing.
3. Ashtanga Yoga each Wednesday 17:45 – 18:45
4. Ashtanga – a hot, energetic flow that synchronises breathing with continual postures.

‘Our classes are available to any student or staff member of Newcastle University who has bought Yoga society membership through the students union.

Classes run during university term time only and will recommence in September 2020.’