Rock Choir

Why not join the Rock Choir?

Shring music, meeting new friends and performing at life changing events, together contribute to an emotional and powerful journey for our members. Rock Choir  have achieved an award-winning standard of excellence in both the educational and emotional aspects of what we try to do.

Rock Choir is the pioneering contemporary choir of the UK and remains unique with over 20,000, members enjoying it across the UK. Each member is welcomed into the Rock Choir family and their journey with us allows

As a new member, you may choose to simply rehearse with your friends or take to the stage and join them at a variety of Rock Choir events and shows – it’s up to you. You can take as much or as little from the experiences on offer. You’ll never have to sing on your own or be under any pressure.

Rock Choir meets at the church on Wednesday evenings and more information is available at