Jesmond Presbyterian Church in the Great War

The Great War comes to Jesmond                                                 

In summer 1914 south Jesmond was swept up by the horror that was to be known as the Great War. This was deemed to be the worst ever, until it was succeeded by a worse war in 1939, and so it is now often called the First World War. The Presbyterian Church in this suburb on the north fringe of Newcastle upon Tyne was to be at the centre of the action because of its links to the 4th Battalion Tyneside Scottish, the nearby First Northern General Hospital, where injured servicemen were repatriated, and by its own members, 106 of whom served and 26 were not to return. Those who did not serve directly were indirectly involved through nursing, the provision of ‘comforts’ for the troops, by visiting the injured and by providing support and entertainment for those billeted in the church hall. This is the story of these people or, at least, the best effort that we can make to tell those living a century later what happened. I hope that you find it informative, and please remember that we are always seeking new information, contacts and corrections. I can be contacted at

The full story can be read here JURC WW1_250117





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